Some tips for replacement of wheel bearing

January 24, 2018

Some tips for replacement of wheel bearing

Wheel hub bearing is one of the key parts for car, which directly affects the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

Wheel hub bearing is one of the key parts for car, which directly affects the comfort and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, car moving affected by many factors, such as high rotate speed, rough road, dust,extreme temperature and so on, all of them will do harm to wheel bearing, what’ s worse, it will lead to the wheel hub bearing failure or locking. So it must be stop immediately in this case during driving, or it will causes accidents.

wheel hub bearing

The First Generation wheel hub bearing.
The first generation hub bearing is composed of double row angular contact bearing, which is simple structure and low cost, but it’s a little difficult to install .

first generation wheel hub bearing

Investigations show that most of reasons caused wheel hub bearing failure is wrong installation. Like forcible installation, Improper adjustment, wrong backlash, tight bush, they will cause the wheel hub bearing failure because of high working temperature, even affect the safety of the car.The owner returned to the factory for replacement also will cause customer satisfaction is down and repair cost rising.

The installation of such bearings should be in a clean and tidy environment. Small particles into the bearing will also shorten the life of the bearing, so it is very important to keep the environment clean when replacing the bearing. Never use a hammer to hit a bearing, and pay attention not to fall on the ground (or similar improper handling). Before installation, check the condition of the shaft and bearing seat. Even the slightest wear and tear can lead to improper coordination, which can lead to the early failure of the bearing.Some bearings require greater pressure pressure, and special tools are recommended.

The second generation wheel hub bearing.
The second generation hub bearing unit has a flange which can be used to keep the bearing fixed on the outer roller. It can simply cover the bearing sleeve to the wheel shaft and fix the nut, making the replacement easy.

For the second generation hub bearing unit, please do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the sealing ring of the hub unit, otherwise the sealing ring will damage the entry of water or dust.Even the sealing ring and inner ring can be damaged, resulting in the bearing failure.

The third generation wheel hub bearing.
The third generation hub bearing unit often adopts the bearing unit and the anti-holding brake system ABS.The hub unit is designed to have inner flange and outer flange, and the inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft, and the outer flange is installed in the whole bearing.

There is a magnetic thrust ring in the sealing ring of the ABS bearing, which cannot be bumped, impinged or collided with other magnetic fields. Remove from the packing box before installation and keep them away from the magnetic field, such as motor or power tools used. To determine which side of the thrust ring, you can use a light small thing near the edge of the bearing, and the magnetic force of the bearing will absorb it. When installed, the side of the magnetic thrust ring is pointed inside, and the sensitive element of ABS is being installed.
Note: incorrect installation may result in failure of the braking system.

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